"AIG Europe Limited is an international insurance company with more than 90 years of experience, 65 billion dollars in collection and 37 billion dollars of insured net premium in 2015, meeting and exceeding the insurance needs of over 88 millions of clients all across the globe through 65.000 employees in more than 90 countries."

aig besaferate



Medical assistance over the phone

actual costs

Shipping of urgent medicines from abroad

actual shipping costs

Dispatch of doctor in case of emergency

actual costs

Transportation of the insured to a medical center

actual costs

Ripatriation of the insured

actual costs

Ripatriation of remains in case of death of the insured

actual costs

Travel expenses of a family member in case of hospitalization exceeding 7 days

return ticket

accommodation expenses not exceeding € 75 per day for a maximum of € 750,00

Return of minors under 15 years old

return ticket

Extended stay

accommodation expenses not exceeding € 75 per day for a maximum of € 750,00

Continuation of the insured travel and their accompanying persons

effective costs within the limits of the possible reentry in country of residence

Return of the family members and/or of the traveling companion

return ticket

Premature return of the insured

return ticket

Advance of bail abroad


Cash advance


Urgent messages transmission

actual costs

Search, emergency and rescue expenses

2.000,00 per person and € 7.000,00 per event

Maximum duration of the coverage: 60 days.

Effect of the coverage:

Annullment Warranty: the coverage begins from 24:00 of the reservation day and ends the moment the first contractual service is employed

Warranty Assistance, Medical expenses, Luggage: the coverage begins at the moment of check-in at the reserved hotel accommodation and ends at the moment of check-out